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Lost Puddle Fish Review

There are a lot of good surfers in the world. And even more good surfboards. But what there isn't a lot of is good advice from surfers about surfboards. That's where Noel Salas comes in. He's a damn fine surfer who has a regular show on YouTube called Surf 'n' Show that offers reviews of surfboards, wetsuits, fins...all kinds of gear that is important to the everyday surfer like you and me. Here's his latest: A breakdown of the Lost Puddle Fish CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

9/11/2017 10:20 am

Temple of the …Lost Stone

"Temple of the ...Lost Stone" was created by Pete Matthews of ...Lost Indonesia. It's fun, loose and not overly refined or overly labored over.

It highlights one Quiver that I designed for Mason, and the ...Lost in Bali boys. The entire quiver was made in Bali.

Check out this clip of Mason Ho, Bruce Irons, Mike Ho, Cheeseburger and of course Matt Biolos in Indo...

What was in the quiver? Check them out below...

8/09/2017 3:24 pm

Ian Crane Tanner Rozunko | HA Wildlife

Check out Ian Crane, Tanner Rozunko and the Von Zipper crew in Hawaii catching waves and shooting film. Read More

9/06/2017 2:35 pm

Pretty in Pink | Quiver Killer

This is a pink board. Luke Davis is killing on it... Read More

5/06/2017 1:59 pm

License to Chill - Vol 2

Mason, Burger and a few others giving you a little bit more license to chill... Read More

12/05/2017 9:04 am


Yago Dora putting on a show... Read More

8/05/2017 3:40 pm

Eli Hanneman | Designed for Something Big

Eli Hanneman is getting some serious attention for his style and effortless manoeuvres. Read More

26/04/2017 2:32 pm

Josh Kerr Baja Love

Josh Kerr telling us why he loves Baja... Read More

18/04/2017 11:06 am

Taj Burrow and his Dad Share South Pacific Paradise

Taj and his Dad threading warm water tunnels in paradise... Read More

12/04/2017 12:19 pm

Ian Walsh and John John Distance Between Dreams

Check out World Champ JJF and Ian Walsh getting some long, loopy barrels... Read More

20/02/2017 2:04 pm
12 items found

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