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Quiver Killer - 5' 10" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 30.5L - FCS II



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Extras: None
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Drive & speed 4/5
Wave height 2-8 ft
Movability 5/5
Paddle power 4/5
The Quiver Killer does exactly what the name implies. This board was built off the bones of the popular Short Round, only slightly elongated refined with a nose that is pulled in a touch, and a nice round tail with some width in the fins. This board excels in good surf, and is still a blast when it is knee - waist high. The perfect go-to for 90% of your surfing. Use it as your single board quiver or as your go to 'step above groveller' board. A perfect blend of performance and stability that will handle any condition you throw at it.

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