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Sub Scorcher 2 Single Wing Swallow - 5' 8" x 19" x 2 5/16" x 27.6L - FCS II



Length 5' 8"
Width 19"
Thickness 2 5/16"
Volume 27.6L
Glassing Standard
Tailshape Winged Swallow
Fin Layout Thruster
Blank Type PU
Logo Type Planet
Logo Colour Planet Purple
Fin System Left FCS II
Fin System Centre FCS II
Fin System Right FCS II
Fin Colour Left Blue
Fin Colour Centre Blue
Fin Colour Right Blue
Legrope Plug Colour White
Extras: None
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Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 1-6 ft
Movability 5/5
Paddle power 4/5
The Sub Scorcher 2 Single Wing Swallow is an updated version of the Sub Scorcher 2 with all of the same drive, glide into waves and paddle power. The single bump in the outline takes out some of the width in the tail giving you more maneuverability in your turns. is a refined version of the popular Sub Scorcher. The 1/4" vee in the tail has been removed, the rocker increased by about 1/8" and a lowered rail line, making the board looser to allow for a more vertical, in pocket style of surfing. To compensate for any loss of drive, the outline has been straightened by increasing nose width slightly.

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