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Lost Surfboards New Models 2016

lost surfboards 2016

Looking to update your surfboard quiver in 2016? Lost Mayhem Surfboards have released 5 new models this year that have you covered for a range of conditions. From everyday boards to high performance shortboards to some fun hybrids, there is a 2016 Lost Surfboard model for you.

The Pocket Rocket


The Pocket Rocket has been developed with Taj Burrow and Kolohe Andino to get it really dialed in for performance surfing in the pocket.

The Tube Pig


The Tube Pig is another Taj Burrow hometown developed board thats best used for big, pumping barrels. Check out the wider forward outline and the rounded pin tail for more control.

The Quiver Killer


The Quiver Killer has been designed to do just what you think - take over your quiver! With a pulled in nose and a round tail to combine control in the pocket, with easy paddle power, this board will go great in 90% of your everyday waves.

The Baby Buggy


The Baby Buggy is a short fun little board for everyday waves. Designed with Taj to give you a loose, fun option in your daily hunt for waves.

Puddle Jumper Rounded Pin


Listening to feedback from team riders along with many requests from the public, the Puddle Jumper Rounded Pin has been developed to help step up in better, cleaner waves. The rounded pin tail combined with the Puddle Jumper full outline allows for good surfing in everyday waves that are nice and clean.

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