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FCS II Carver Neo Glass Tri Set Large

OVERVIEW • Designed for powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold. • Elongated template with high degree of sweep provides exceptional hold off the bottom and when carving on the open face. • Ideal for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns. IDEAL CONDITIONS Open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point and reef breaks. BOARD TYPES Recommended for boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker. Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.


Size: Medium (65-80kg)

Front fins:
Height: 4.66" / 118mm
Base: 4.58" / 116mm
Area: 15.73"² / 10150mm²
Foil: Flat
Sweep: 37.0º

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