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Surfboard Glassing

When creating your Lost Mayhem surfboard you have three glassing options to choose from. These options are suitable for all construction types.

Standard Glassing: 4x4x4

4oz Bottom, 4oz Inlay, 4oz Deck.
More durable, medium weight.

Team Lite: 4×4

4oz Bottom, 4oz Deck.
Most flex, least durable.

Extra Strong: 4x6x4

4oz Bottom, 6oz Inlay, 4oz Deck
Most durable.

When glassing a there are typically three layers of fibreglass (team often only has two). These layers are Bottom (layer 1), Inlay (layer 2) the inlay sits in between the blank and the deck layer and the Deck (layer 3) that wraps over the inlay around to the bottom.

The weight of the fibreglass is typically 4oz or 6oz. 4oz cloth has great snapping resistance due to its tighter weave, however due to less resin between the weave is more prone to pressure dings from small knocks. 6oz is the opposite, with a looser weave, there is more glass and greater strength against light knocks. However 6oz is not as resilient to snapping or creasing. This is why 6oz is often only used to strengthen up the deck of the surfboard for longevity and stronger resistance to knees and feet pressure dings.

The extra resin absorbed in 6oz cloth also creates a stiffer glass job and can reduce the performance flex of the surfboard.


All of our surfboards are finished using NanoTune Technology.

nanotune logo

NanoTune creates a super slick hydrophobic (water repellent) coating which cures to your board.

The NanoTune clear finish coat will dramatically increase the performance of your equipment through:

- Increased speed and greater thrust during manoeuvres

- Longer and smoother glide across the water surface, thus making it easier to catch more waves and power around those flat sections

- Less board stick when launching airs and providing more forgiveness on landings

- Extra barrier of UV protection as well as filling in all pores and pin holes that currently exist in today’s manufacturing process, adding longer life to your equipment

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