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Lost Seaworthy Honeycomb Red/Black Quad Fin Set Large


Availability: Out of stock

The Seaworthy is a Quad Fin set designed by …Lost shaper Matt Biolos, developed for use in his small wave boards. Compared to its counterpart, the Controller, the Seaworthy is smaller in area and made of honeycomb materials, reducing weight and increasing flex, yielding a more performance minded skatey feel, while maximum drive and control is maintained.


Size: Large (80kg+)

Front fins:
Height: 4.50" / 114.3mm
Base: 5.13" / 130.3mm
Area: 18.19" / 11735mm
Foil: Flat

Rear fins:
Height: 4.43" / 112.5mm
Base: 3.89" / 98.8mm
Area: 10.95" / 7064mm
Foil: 80/20

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