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Lost Slingshot FQ Quad Fin Set Large


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An innovative quad fin from Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, the Futures Fins ...Lost Slingshot Quad Fins are springy and responsive while also being solid and engaged. This balance of the two extremes provides an all around feel that performs well in any conditions. "Initially inspired by a Dewey Webber giant hatchet single fin longboard that's been hanging on my wall for years. I thought it could make a fun update to the Seaworthy/Controller quads we love so much. With a couple quick draawings and photos of the Webber, I challanged the team at Futures to creat something special. What I got back, after a few swings and tweaks, are like little turbo thrusters. The Slingshots! A hopelessly fun pairing with low rockered, wide tail, small wave domesticated designs. The narrow and flexy base allows the tip to load up and release, making it fun to bleed off speed into turns. The big tip adds a squirty burst.. a slingshot out of turns. It's fast, free and lively, bringing some fun to frivolous lat day follies." - Matt Biolos


Size: Large (80kg+)

Front fins:
Height: 4.89" / 124.2mm
Base: 4.53" / 115.1mm
Area: 18.81" / 12135mm
Foil: V2

Rear fins:
Height: 4.28" / 108.7mm
Base: 3.15" / 80mm
Area: 11.59" / 7477mm
Foil: 80/20

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