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Maysym Regular

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Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 3-6 ft
Movability 5/5
Paddle power 5/5
The Maysym Regular features anatomically corrected tail curves for more control on a high volume, small wave Stub Rocket. Purposely asymmetric boards have been around for decades. The advent, and popularization, is mostly credited to gifted designer, Carl Ekstrom.

The general concept is we all surf with different leverage on our heels, vs our toes. Heel turns are more abrupt, without the ability to “feather” our rail pressure with supple ankles and toes. Contrary to common misconception, Asymmetrical boards are not for “going right or left”, or “backside or frontside” but are designed to work in symmetry with a natural or goofy footed surfer. They’re almost always designed to be more forgiving on the heels (usually done by reducing surface area or shortening rail line) with more resistance on the toes (a wider, straighter, or longer rail and or rocker line). Unlike many asyms floating around today, we reeled in the “shock and awe” effect. These are genial asyms, attempting simply to make riding a really wide short board easier, when transitioning from heel to toe. The fins are set the same. No offset fin marks. No inverted pickle fork noses, and no over the top offset rockers or extreme curves. One of my favorite design ethos is “Don’t get loose until you have control”. I’ll let other vanguard shapers push the limits of balancing visual shock and actual function.

We offer each size in Regular of Goofy footed build. I’ve painstakingly designed each board/size/regular/goofy, and worked closely with AKU Shaper, so each is pre-cut specifically asymmetrically. The tail is already pre-shaped into the blank, before we hand fine tune the single channel, and fine tune the rest of the shape. This gives previously unmatched consistency to the boards, bringing a once rogue and “underground” design to the surf shop customer.We hope you go out on a limb and try one. You won’t be disappointed. "Matt Biolos".

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