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Mini Driver - 5' 10" x 19 1/2" x 2 3/8" x 29.2L - FCS II

Length: -Not selected-
Length 5' 10"
Width 19 1/2"
Thickness 2 3/8"
Volume 29.2L
Glassing Standard - 4 + 4 Deck, 4 Bottom
Tailshape Round
Fin Layout Five
Blank Type PU
Logo Colour Assorted
Fin System Left FCS II
Fin System Trailer Left FCS II
Fin System Centre FCS II
Fin System Trailer Right FCS II
Fin System Right FCS II
Extras: None
Total // $0.00 AUD
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Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 1-6 ft
Movability 5/5
Paddle power 4/5
The Lost Mini Driver and its smooth outline was designed with Kolohe Andino for fast, critical surfing that will hold up well in the barrel. The outline is moved forward slightly offering extra planing speed to fly over flat sections and race down the line. The extra width up the front makes the board easier to paddle and get in earlier than your more traditional performance shortboards. The down sized outline and pulled in round tail also makes this board capable of performing in smaller average waves.

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