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RV Stretch - 6' 8" x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" x 46.9L

Length: -Not selected-
Tail shape: -Not selected-
Construction: -Not selected-
Glassing: -Not selected-
Fin layout: -Not selected-
Fin system: -Not selected-
Artwork: None
Length 6' 8"
Width 22 1/4"
Thickness 2 7/8"
Volume 46.9L
Extras: None
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Drive & speed 4/5
Wave height 2-8 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle power 5/5
The Lost Stretch RV by Mayhem is a stretched out version of the original RV for when the waves pick up a little. With a refined tail including a double bump and rounded pin, you can feel a little more confident on bigger, steeper waves.

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