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Puddle Jumper (PU) - 6' 0" x 22 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 42.3L - FCS II

from $990
Length 6' 0"
Width 22 1/4"
Thickness 2 3/4"
Volume 42.3L
Glassing Standard - 4 + 4 Deck, 4 Bottom
Tailshape Rounded Square
Fin Layout Five
Blank Type PU
Logo Type Speed
Logo Colour Assorted
Logo Placement OG
Fin System Left FCS II
Fin System Trailer Left FCS II
Fin System Centre FCS II
Fin System Trailer Right FCS II
Fin System Right FCS II
Extras: None
Total // $0.00 AUD
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Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 1-4 ft
Movability 5/5
Paddle power 5/5
The Puddle Jumper has a nice concave made for planing speed. With a wider outline to generate plenty of speed combined with a vee through the tail, this board flies and has plenty of drive down the line. With a straight rail line and vee in the tail gives you plenty of hold while you're carving. The Lost Puddle Jumper by Mayhem is one of the better smaller wave surfboards. Based on earlier domestic models like The RV, this model is generating plenty of hype and will be a staple in many quivers in 2015. Carbon Wrap Surfboard Stock

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