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V3 Rocket (PU) - 6' 2" x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 37.3L - FCS II

from $899
Length 6' 2"
Width 20 1/2"
Thickness 2 5/8"
Volume 37.3L
Glassing Standard - 4 + 4 Deck, 4 Bottom
Tailshape Rocket
Fin Layout Five
Blank Type PU
Logo Type Speed
Logo Colour Assorted
Logo Placement C4
Fin System Left FCS II
Fin System Trailer Left FCS II
Fin System Centre FCS II
Fin System Trailer Right FCS II
Fin System Right FCS II
Legrope Plug Colour White
Extras: None
Total // $0.00 AUD
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Drive & speed 4/5
Wave height 1-6 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle power 4/5
The Lost V3 Rocket has been designed to perform in a range of conditions and wave types providing the user with a go to one board quiver. The board has a double v-wing tail, this reduced width behind the back foot enables precise control when surfing tight in the pocket. Mayhem designed the V3 Rocket to function in a wider range of wave sizes. Mayhem recommend this board as a 5-fin as it goes great as both a quad and a thruster helping you keep control in all conditions. All round performance surfing the V3 Rocket by Mayhem is great for the one board surfer or those travelling and surfing a range of conditions. The V3 Rocket is a high volume shortboard, designed as a refined hybrid it will become your trusty go to option. The V3 Rocket high performance characteristics make it the easy surfing fish style model for surfers who don’t ride fish. Carbon Wrap Surfboard Stock

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